FallenOne is a web-serial prequel to the Gaming the System novels from Adam Drakes’s point of view. 

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This is a prequel and companion novel to At Any Price written entirely in Adam’s point of view.

  • This story begins about 5 years before the start of At Any Price 
  • It’s told completely from Adam’s point of view
  • New chapters will be sent out to newsletter subscribers as I write them.
  • The chapters will be posted in a raw, unedited version of my writing.
  • There will be typos, repetitions, summaries and anachronisms as it is a draft form of the book.
  • The events in FallenOne will include the events of At Any Price showing those scenes and extra scenes not in the book from Adam’s point-of-view.
  • There will be as little repetition of the original book as possible.

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