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High Risk

Point of No Return, Book 1

He’s a damaged soul living on the edge and it’s her job to pull him back from the brink…
Commander Ryan Tyler is a true American hero–a former Navy SEAL and the man who saved the International Space Station. Yet he couldn’t save the best friend who died in his place. Fallout from that tragic accident thrust Ty into a dark and dangerous lifestyle, but when he’s given the unexpected chance to fly again, he grabs it.

Gray Barrett never imagined that her dream job as a flight psychologist would depend upon keeping an astronaut-gone-wild on the straight and narrow. Yet here she is, babysitting the gorgeous and insufferably cocky Ryan Tyler. If he can’t prove he’s a changed man, neither one of them will have a future.

But as Gray gets to know Ryan, she’s drawn to the shattered man hidden behind the playboy façade he’s erected to keep everyone at a distance.

There’s only danger of a crash and burn if they happen to fall in love

High Risk is part 1 in Ryan & Gray’s duet. Their HEA is in book 2, High Reward, which is available now.

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Her pink mouth thinned, and I could hardly see her eyes from the glare of light on the lenses of her glasses. “What do you want, Commander Tyler?” Her tone was clipped, irritated.

What goddamn right did she have to be irritated? Honestly.

“I want to know what the fuck you were thinking when you engineered that little maneuver.”

She stiffened. “I didn’t engineer anything. I’m as shocked by my father’s request as you are. What could I possibly have to gain by spending my precious time managing an unwilling person—”

“—Who’s got issues. Don’t forget about my issues,” I mocked.

She cocked her head and folded her arms. “Ah, I see. I bruised your ego, and you want an apology.” She shrugged. “My dad expects total honesty, and when he asked my opinion, I had no choice but to give it to him honestly. He can tell when I’m lying.”

“And you think I’m unfit to fly.”

She frowned. “It’s got nothing to do with flying. I think you’re unfit to be the face of this program. I think your penchant lately for the dramatic will hurt us. And yes, you’ve got issues.”

I took a step forward, and she backed up against the wall across the hallway. Her eyes widened as she looked at me. She looked intimidated. No, I wouldn’t be grabby or touch her again, but I was fine with intimidating her. I braced my hand on the wall above her head and leaned in close. Mmm. More of that delicious strawberry smell. It was almost overpowering.

“And you’re perfect and willing to fix me, right? Admit it. You have some shrink wet dream in your little head about fixing me.”

She shook her head, the array of dark-blond hair settling around her shoulders fetchingly. My eyes traveled up her long neck to her mouth, her upturned nose, her dark brows hovering over her frames. She wasn’t plain. She was actually kind of cute…when she wasn’t being downright infuriating, or honest, as she was selling it.

She seemed to be finding it hard to breathe. Inhaling deeply, she coughed once, cleared her throat, looked away as her face flushed pink. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not all about you. You can have all the issues you want. It’s not my job to fix you.”

“Whose job is it, then?” I smirked.

“Yours, Commander.” She licked her lips and raised those thick, dark brows at me, and the smug smile melted right off my face. Oh, when this girl pushed back, she knew where and how to do it, didn’t she?

I swallowed, a tiny pinprick of emotion piercing me to the core. Was it fear? Anger at her challenge? Who was this woman?

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High Risk reads like a pretty wonderful romance…a sharp and sensitive novel.” ~ New York Times Book review.

“OMG this book is EVERYTHING! Ryan & Gray make my heart pound. This book has all the feels! Prepare to be obsessed.” ~ New York Times Bestselling Author Lynn Raye Harris

Sexual tension through the stratosphere and unforgettable characters. This smart, well-written romance is one of my top reads this year!” ~ New York Times Bestselling Author Anna Zaires

High Risk is a breath of fresh air. Commander RyanTyler is a sexy broken alpha and Gray Barrett is smart and strong. The sexual tension between them is a slow burn, and it’s off the charts!” ~ New York Times Bestselling Author Cassia Leo

Hot, sexy, emotional. Brenna Aubrey hits it into the stratosphere and beyond. I can’t wait for more!” ~ New York Times Bestselling Author Vivian Arend

“[Ryan & Gray’s] chemistry is explosive. You could almost feel the sexual tension leaking off the page. And when they finally give in to their desire? Oh. My. Word. Talk about out of this world. It was Kindle melting hot.” ~ Readers Together Book Blog

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