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Girl Geek

For those of you who enjoyed the web serial first draft of GIRL GEEK, this is an expanded, revised, edited and proofed edition of the book. There is about 40% more content (including completely new scenes) than the original draft version on the website. 

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[Soon available in print and audiobook formats]

It’s the perfect escape. Until things get real…

Mia Strong is beyond stressed out. With pre-med courses, the looming qualifying exam, a job, and her mother’s serious health problems, she’s feeling the pressure from all sides. As a distraction, she turns to online gaming and her newest addiction, Dragon Epoch. Mia seeks an escape into fantasy–never dreaming that she’d find something real.

He goes by FallenOne. He’s smart, funny, and has a sexy voice. Their instant connection is the best thing that’s happened to Mia in a long time. He listens for hours while she bares her innermost fears. But he holds everything back about himself. At first, the mystery intrigues her, until she faces a life-altering decision. Now, Mia needs someone she can trust.

Will FallenOne’s friendship turn into something real? Or will the fantasy disappear, leaving her alone and in turmoil? 

*Note: A draft version of this story appeared on the author’s website. This is now a novel-length work of fiction that has been expanded, revised and edited, adding 40% more content. It is now a novel of approximately 45,000 words and shows the events that lead up to the bestselling At Any Price, from Mia’s point of view.

Girl Geek ~ available now (prequel)
At Any Price ~ available now (Adam & Mia part 1)
At Any Turn ~ available now (Adam & Mia part 2)
At Any Moment ~ available now (Adam & Mia part 3)
For The Win ~ available now (Jordan & April)
For The One ~ available now (William & Jenna)
Worth Any Cost ~ available now (Adam & Mia part 4)
For The Taking ~ forthcoming in 2018 (Katya & Lucas)

C is for Canadian

by | April 3, 2013 | 2 comments

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, one day about four years ago, I woke up Canadian.  In the comments, a person asked me about how that happened. It is not quite as interesting a story as it sounds, I’m afraid.  What that means is that the Canadian citizenship laws were changed on that day and, […]

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the second monarch of that name to reign, after her predecessor, Elizabeth Tudor (Elizabeth I), another great monarch who ruled for many years and surveyed over what is now called “The Golden Age” of English history. Queen Elizabeth is the second longest reigning monarch (after her great great grandmother, […]

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My Favorites: Blogs

by | March 29, 2013 | 0 comments

Historical Blogs Regency Redingote The Regency Encyclopedia History Undressed Historical Tapestry The Beau Monde Hearts Through History Natalie Garbett–Historical Clothing The Dear Surprise (no longer being updated, but a wealth of information!) Jane Austen Blogs Austenprose Indie Jane Jane Austen’s World Austenblog Writing Blogs Miss Snark’s First Victim Romance University Writer Unboxed TERRIBLEMINDS (Chuck Wendig’s […]

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I found these treasures on Youtube and thought I’d share.  Part of a series of episodes featuring the history, customs and culture of The Regency Era. Elegance and Decadence: Portrait of a Prince Follow the playlist for 2 more episodes after this one. (“Developing a Regency Brand” and “A Divided Decade”)

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“Maybe, at the base of it… what creativity really is [is] just falling in love with the world” –Dewitt Jones Some useful lessons to be learned about creativity: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Learn from them but also turn them to your advantage. There is never just one right answer.  Find the one (or […]

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The first National Park ever established in the United States, Yellowstone actually sits atop the caldera of a “super volcano” that may or may not erupt.  If it ever does, it will take out most of the western states along with it. It’s an amazing, unique place but I’m just going to write about one […]

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