AT ANY PRICE is now an Interactive Game you can play!

The novel you love, AT ANY PRICE, has now been adapted

into an interactive story game app that you can play!

The graphics are GORGEOUS and it has been SO MUCH FUN to relieve Adam & Mia’s very beginning in visual form.

To celebrate, I am running a giveaway contest. I’ll give 100 gems each to 5 different winners to use in the Game!

Want to experience Adam & Mia’s beginning as an interactive game?  

Step 1:  Get the app!

iOS: Android:

Step 2:   Enter for a chance to win 100 gems! 

**Gems let you make fun choices and give you all kinds of amazing options and courses to take in the game.  Giveaway open for ONE WEEK from this date.

Chances to win:

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Most importantly…. PLAY AND ENJOY!!!!

You’re Not Special

I know that’s the opposite of what we’ve been taught all our lives to use as a personal mantra in order to bolster our self esteem.  But earlier in the year, I heard an accomplished author, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, confess that she said this to herself regularly: ...

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Romantic Times Booklovers Convention

In keeping with my 2011 goals, I was lucky enough to attend the convention when it took place near my hometown last week.  As part of that, I entered the Advanced Aspiring Authors workshops the two days before the general conference opened.  After that, there was a...

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Through the Genres

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A Writer’s Tools: Fingerless Gloves

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Research: Duels

Because the after-effects of a duel are at the center of a vital relationship in my current Regency Historical WIP (working title "Violette of Toulouse"), I've been seeking to inform myself of all of the particulars on how they were fought and what the customs are...

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Measuring Up

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Jane Austen Made Me Do It

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Sometimes the Process is Messy

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More for the library

Saving links for my own future use and clearing out tabs: The Royal Navy Memoirs: Rise and Progress of the Royal Navy Naval Tactics Beat to Quarters (.wav file) Royal Navy: Articles of War Ship's Bell Sloop of War Cruizer class Brig-Sloop HMS Fantome HMS Reindeer HMS...

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