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I honestly believe that these two books are some of the best writing I’ve ever accomplished… I’d love to tell you why this series means so much to me.

I like to think of the Point of No Return series as my way of expanding the universe of Gaming The System. When it came time for me to stretch my wings and try something a little different, I started exploring where I could go and how I could meld the new series into the world of Adam, Jordan, William, bloggers and interns and Draco Multimedia and Dragon Epoch.

Some of you have asked me, “Why astronauts, Brenna?” Why XVenture and test flights and new expeditions into low earth orbit?

"You are a wicked, wicked man." "This I already know."

It all started with that one throwaway fact about Adam Drake’s recent past in At Any Price. He’d spent millions to launch with the Russian Space Program to go up in a Soyuz rocket and spend 10 days on the ISS. He always described that event as the “highlight of his life” (pre-Mia, of course!) . When I saw The Martian, I was captivated with this high stakes survival story. So I rushed home, read the book and couldn’t stop thinking about the story and the characters.  Then I wanted to write a new Happily Ever After ending for that book… and the two ideas grew into one.

The Martian actually has a very abrupt ending, which I found unsatisfying. So I began to imagine an HEA for Astronaut Mark Watney coming back to earth, dealing with all of the consequences of his nearly 2-year long sojourn on Mars. Does he find love when he gets back to earth? What’s his life like after having been isolated for so long? Did he experience any sort of trauma when he returned to normal life? What was it like to return a massive iconic international hero? Would he meet the woman of his dreams, settle down and have baby astronauts or end up old and alone?

It didn't hurt. At least not in the way that you think.

It’s how a writer’s brain works and it was exactly this reason that I wanted to explore new characters involved in space exploration for my own books. But I write contemporary romance and I wasn’t interested in writing science fiction (for now).

So I invented XVenture and based this new series on the real world: commercial space companies, the ISS, and the NASA-Roscosmos partnership that puts astronauts into low earth orbit. Astronauts are among our generation’s modern heroes, the epitome of courage and the spirit of adventure.

And my heroes are known for being sexy, ridiculously smart, competent and intense. Like Ty, who is an ultimate heroic figure, a Navy SEAL who became an astronaut on a bet and ended up saving the ISS in a crisis. He’s whip smart, impossibly gorgeous, hyper protective and very much an alpha male. But he’s also broken.

High Risk takes place directly during the aftermath of this serious accident in which Ty loses his best friend and subsequently blames himself. You guys, I fell in love with this story and discovered that brilliant, intuitive and lovably-nerdy Gray was the perfect heroine for this beautifully wounded man.

This duet may involve people involved in modern space exploration but the books are about love. Love against the odds.

I haven't been this heavily invested in a couple since Adam & Mia.

I hope you enjoy these latest releases. I am SO PROUD of High Risk and High Reward. I’ve poured my heart and soul into these books and look forward to continuing the series later next year. If you like the Gaming The System books, the odds are high that you will like these, too.

Adam Drake is directly involved with this storyline and will be seen throughout the Point Of No Return series. In fact, you’ll see some storylines having to do with that in future Gaming The System books.

This may be a new series but many readers have said that this is still very much a Brenna Aubrey story even though it’s a slightly different cast of characters.

I hope you’ll join me for this brand new adventure.

Both books in Ryan & Gray’s duet are NOW AVAILABLE.

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