Due to changes with Facebook’s algorithms and also coming from a genuine desire to keep in touch with readers, I’d like to encourage you to sign up for the Brenna Aubrey mailing list to keep abreast of new releases, find special deals and get extra scenes and new surprises released in the new year!

The mailing list comes infrequently… sometimes 3 times in one month, sometimes a month or two passes without one. I only send one out when I have exciting news or fun deals to share.

What do you get when you sign up today?

  • TWO alternative point-of-view scenes from At Any Price (Adam’s point-of-view)
  • A “Five Years Later” epilogue from At Any Moment (Adam and Mia’s future in 5 years).

What’s coming this year?

  • More alternative point-of-view scenes from At Any Price and At Any Turn (readers  are voting to select these. You can vote, too… Go to this poll here and let me know what scenes you’d like to see in an alternate POV).
  • A surprise FREE release available to mailing list subscribers weeks before it will go on sale. (I can’t talk about it now but most fans of the Gaming the System series will be very excited about it).
  • Teaser pages from the next book, For The Win, and the release date (when it becomes available).
  • Announcement and details of all Brenna’s 2015 releases and beyond.

Sign up here. You will receive an email confirming your subscription. If you don’t, check your spam folder and then email me if you still can’t find it!  BrennaAubrey (at) BrennaAubrey.net

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