As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, one day about four years ago, I woke up Canadian.  In the comments, a person asked me about how that happened.

It is not quite as interesting a story as it sounds, I’m afraid.  What that means is that the Canadian citizenship laws were changed on that day and, as a result, thousands of people (including Americans) who were not Canadian before that day became Canadian.


I was one of them!


My mother was born in Canada but emigrated to the U.S. with her parents as a teenager.  Due to the new laws, all of her children are recognized as Canadian citizens and are granted duel citizenship.  But the U.S. doesn’t recognize duel citizens so I’m a bit of an anomaly. (shhh!!)



Some of my favorite Canadian stereotypes: Canadians are uber polite, even when upset and apologize about everything.


Another stereotype: Canadians say “eh” a lot at the end of their sentences.
so-youre-canadian-eh-nah-i-dont-care-about-anything-you-could-say-reallyAnd lastly: Americans don’t give a crap about Canadians (more or less true, unfortunately!)

I’ll leave you with the link to the fun video that the Canadian Immigration put out to help spread the word about the change in the law and the many new Canadian citizens who are “secret Canadians!”  (LOL!)

It’s full of many more fun stereotypes.  Keep your eyes peeled for the Mountie!

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