For the few of you who do visit this blog intentionally and not by accident while googling “deep freeze snooze,” I apologize.  Things have been mighty dormant here for a while as my attentions were focussed elsewhere.  But with one big burden off my back (to be discussed soon, as in probably this week), I’m more able to concentrate in areas where I’m lacking.  Not for long, though.  Because it’s only the partial manuscript that is complete and the full manuscript is another hurdle yet.

So without further ado, I’m making a “to-do” list of things you will see on this blog very soon:

  • Measuring Up: 2011 goals with only 1 month to go.  How did I do?
  • Happy Places: Another one of my favorite features which has gone untended for too long will be back with another happy place
  • What I learned about Publishing Part 2, the second half of this post
  • My work in progress: Featuring Violette and Lawrence (pictured!), my hero and heroine and a teaser passage from the Regency historical romance
  • Why Pantsing had to become Plotting.  What converted this semi-pantster into a firm believer in plotting (and just what the heck do plotting and pantsing mean, anyway?)
  • Retrospective 2011… if I can manage to write this without tearing my own beating heart out of my chest and letting it bleed all over this blog.  2011 has been one of those years.
  • Jane Austen Q & A with editor Laurel Ann Nattress
  • What I learned about writing first-person point of view … for the opposite sex

If you’ve got any ideas or questions, or want to see me discuss something, please feel free to post in the comments!  I’d love to hear from you and find out what I could do to spruce the blog up and make it an interesting waypoint in the blogosphere (aside from not being comatose, that is).



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