I do most of my writing time on my laptop, a Macbook which happens to be made of aluminum.  And as aluminum is a conductive metal, it gets ice cold in chilly weather–or in an overly air-conditioned Starbucks (a coffee-fueled writer talking, here).

I can be all swathed in a comfy jacket, warm socks and scarf but if I’ve got my wrists resting on arctic metal, then it’s very difficult to concentrate and get to the work at hand.  Conversely, wearing full gloves and typing is pretty much impossible. 

There is a remedy!  The fashion of the day has brought us the practical and useful fingerless gloves.  I recently purchased a pair on sale at a local sporting goods store and they look something like this:

Fingerless gloves let your fingers do the work & keep you warm.

I’m sure there are loads of lovely items on etsy you can peruse.  But since I crochet I’m going to make these before the weather gets too nice to wear them:

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