On the very first day of this year, 2 months ago almost to the day, I drafted a list of writing goals for the year.  When I did so, I promised myself that I would revisit them often and not forget about them.  There were ten goals altogether, the first nine of which had due dates attached to them (what can I say, I’m a teacher, I work better with due dates in mind!).  The due dates have made all the difference!

Two months into the year and I have accomplished two of the ten goals.  In January, I was pleased to become a member of RWA- Pro by querying Broken Oaths to an agent, which I did.  As expected, I got rejected, but it was the rejection I needed to provide in order to show the organization that I am seriously pursuing publication.

In January, also, I began writing a short story which, for goal number two, was to enter into the Jane Austen Made Me Do It Short Story Contest.  It was an amazing opportunity that comes along rarely for aspiring writers.  I figured I’d take a shot at it.  To my great pleasure, I am honored that “The Love Letter” has been selected as one of the top ten stories.  To think that people read and liked my work well enough to vote for it is very validating for me.  To think that my story will be read by an editor, and considered for inclusion in an anthology amongst many other great writers, is thrilling indeed.

While I’d love to pause, sit back and savor the moment (and I will for a little while), I realize that I only have a one in ten chance of winning the grand prize.  The odds of winning this round are less than they were at the beginning (10/88 is still better than 1/10) but I will cross my fingers and remain hopeful.  Even if I don’t win, though, I’ll still be thrilled that I made it this far and that my work was appreciated by many of those who read it.

Now, on to the next goal.  I’m in the process of polishing the first section of Violette and write up a short synopsis of the plot for entry into the Orange Rose contest held by my home chapter of RWA.   Those due dates sneak up quickly!

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