AT ANY TURN Teaser #3

We are getting closer and closer to release day. Two weeks or less now!!!! So exciting!

Here’s another teaser to whet your appetite…

Teaser #3 "Only Her"

Teaser #3 “Only Her”


I closed my eyes and felt, tasted, smelled, and heard only her. For those long minutes in each other’s arms, she became my world, my anchor, my safe harbor.

AT ANY TURN: Teaser #2

This teaser is one of my favorites! Adam is explaining to Mia the special dynamic of their relationship (in typical nerd-like but truly romantic fashion).

Teaser #2: Magnets

Teaser #2: Magnets”

We’re like magnets–try to separate us and we’ll tear ourselves apart to get back to each other. Put us together, let us spin, and we make electricity.