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I started out writing Fantasy.  Pure Fantasy.  Swords and sorcery and… well actually if I go even further back I started out at the ripe age of twelve writing poems.  Some people think in pictures.  I have always “seen” and “heard” my thoughts as words.  Words that form pictures, concise and succinct.  Words that paint […]

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I do most of my writing time on my laptop, a Macbook which happens to be made of aluminum.  And as aluminum is a conductive metal, it gets ice cold in chilly weather–or in an overly air-conditioned Starbucks (a coffee-fueled writer talking, here). I can be all swathed in a comfy jacket, warm socks and […]

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Because the after-effects of a duel are at the center of a vital relationship in my current Regency Historical WIP (working title “Violette of Toulouse”), I’ve been seeking to inform myself of all of the particulars on how they were fought and what the customs are surrounding them. Links for future reference: The Irish Code […]

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On the very first day of this year, 2 months ago almost to the day, I drafted a list of writing goals for the year.  When I did so, I promised myself that I would revisit them often and not forget about them.  There were ten goals altogether, the first nine of which had due […]

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As per my goal at the beginning of the year, I have just submitted an entry to the Jane Austen Made Me Do It Short Story Contest. I’ve had quite a struggle with it.  I’ll talk more on that later in a post which I plan to entitle “Trusting Your Gut Instinct.”  I’ve redrafted the story from […]

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And what a mess I’ve made!  In the aftermath of NaNoWriMo!  I had a total of approximately 83,000 words at the end of November.  When I printed out the manuscript (due to a mess of compatibility between Scrivener and Word), several scenes were duplicated.  Beyond that, when I’d started writing some of the “candy bar” […]

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