We’re about to hit the end of summer 🙁 and it’s going to be necessary for me to “go dark” from all my social media for the next little while in order to get things done. So I thought I’d really commit to this endeavor and let you all know. If you see me on social media, remind me I’m supposed to be off the Internet until the end of the first week of September!

For those readers of Girl Geek, never fear. I will be posting the next chapter on time (in about 10 days)

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by | September 1, 2011 | 2 comments

The big announcement has been made on the Jane Austen Made Me Do It website.  The anthology releases on October 11, 2011, just after my birthday.  What a fabulous present, to have my story published in a book!! The whole thing came about as a result of a tweet I saw on New Year’s day […]

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My multi-talented friend, Tessa Dare, has created a book trailer for author Maya Banks‘ historical romance trilogy.  When the charity auction was posted, I promised to post it to my blog for both of my readers.  The results have not been disappointing.  Get ready for a good laugh!   For more information in Ms. Banks’ […]

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Linky round-up from around the Internet today.  Found some good stuff that I don’t want to lose! History Hoydens (Interesting post on period costume and plot points) Corset Myths And other interesting facts about 18-19th century undress Variations in period dress between England and France during the Napoleonic wars (a subject touched on in my […]

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 I have the task of contributing this column, “Between the Lines,” to the chapter newsletter of my local RWA chapter.  I have permission to publish these interviews here as well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two Debras, Two Golden Hearts: Two very different paths to publishing Between the Lines with Debra Mullins & Debra Holland Debra Mullins is the […]

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The world according to Bren… I continue one of the features of this blog in this post, is a description of my “happy places.’    Every creator, whether writer, visual artist or peformance artist, needs to recharge his/her batteries.  Creative energy is not infinite.  It is not fair for us to expect to be able to continue […]

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Throughout the years, women have been swooning for Pride and Prejudice‘s Mr. Darcy, even before Colin Firth epitomized him in the role that he was clearly born to play.  But what was it about Mr. Darcy that made him so swoon-worthy? Was it his dark good looks, his heaping 10,000 a year?  Was it his surly, […]

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