GIRL GEEK: A Gaming The System Web Serial

Girl Geek

Table of Contents

Prologue: I Want A New Game

Chapter 1: A Whole New World

Chapter 2: When Eloisa Met FallenOne

Chapter 3: The Mystery of FallenOne

Chapter 4: Mia Makes a New Friend

Chapter 5: Bad News

Chapter 6: Test Results

Chapter 7: Truth or Dare

Chapter 8: Aim to Misbehave

Chapter 9: She’s Auctioning What?

Chapter 10: Manifesto, Ahoy!

Chapter 11: WTF did I just read?

Girl Geek is a prequel to the novel  At Any Price, and is the story of Eloisa and FallenOne.

You can read this special web serial for FREE online as I write it. 

Have you ever wondered what happened leading up to the events of At Any Price?

Note: This the first draft, unpolished version of my writing. When you purchase a novel from me at an online store, it’s been through many drafts.

New content will come regularly, however keep in mind that I’m writing for Girl Geek, while also working on Worth Any Cost and other projects.

Do you prefer to read your books all at once instead of a little bit at a time?  After I’ve finished the web serial, the entire book will be revised, completely edited and made available for you to get from the bookstores. Like all my other books. It will be available in ebook, paperback and audiobook.

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