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AT ANY MOMENT is now available everywhere!

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Teaser #4 for AT ANY MOMENT

This is the last teaser before the book comes out!!!  We are in the home stretch.

This one is called “Siren.”


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Teaser #3 AT ANY MOMENT (releasing 10/27/14)

Less than one week to go until release day and this teaser is a sexy one. Mia has such a way with her words, don’t you think?

I called this one “Flame and Paper”

“He was flame and I was paper. His touch immolated me and I felt light, like the fiery embers of paper ashes carried away on the wind.” ~ MiaRead More »

Teaser #2 for AT ANY MOMENT
At Any Moment releases on October 27 !!!

I’m so excited to share another teaser with you.

Teaser #2 “I love your soul.”

“I love you, Emilia. I love your heart…I love your brain…I love your soul, which feels, sometimes, like it’s mine only in your body.”  ~ Adam

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First Teaser! AT ANY MOMENT Teaser #1

I am SO excited to share the first teaser for At Any Moment releasing on October 27, 2014. Less than 2 weeks away!

Isn’t it gorgeous?

“I don’t believe in former lives, but if I did, I must have done something goddamn amazing in the last one to deserve you.” ~Mia

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