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AT ANY PRICE (Gaming The System #1) by Brenna Aubrey

Prominent blogger Mia Strong cashes in on her online popularity by selling her virginity to the highest bidder. But when sexy millionaire CEO Adam Drake wins the prize, all bets are off in this sizzling contemporary romance with over 200 **FIVE STAR** reviews.


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Two Weeks in Geneva: Book One by Lydia Rowan

An unplanned work trip to Geneva, Switzerland puts Quinn Jeffries on a collision course with the rage-inducing, sinfully handsome Alexander Montague, and it might … Read More »

AT ANY PRICE ebook is now FREE!!!
In commemoration of having been published for a year and having sold over 50,000 copies, At Any Price is now $0.00, 0 pounds, 0 euros, etc. etc.

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One Year: No Regrets

One year ago I made two very risky decisions. First, I decided to turn down multiple offers on my manuscript from traditional publishers and publish it myself instead. Second, I openly blogged about that decision and the subsequent short-term results.

To say my life has changed in the past year is an understatement. I’m now considering what I thought would be out of my reach for many years—becoming a full time writer and supporting my family on that income alone. Had I chosen to traditionally publish this trilogy, this would not be true, not this year, at least. Perhaps … Read More »

New Box Set: Sizzling Seven

At Any Price is included in this box set along with six other New Adult contemporary romance for only 99 cents!!!  Introduce your friends to the Gaming the System series or just treat yourself to some delicious reads by some new authors!!


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AT ANY MOMENT epilogue

For many reasons, (most especially because Adam and Mia will appear in the next Gaming the System books), I did not include a distant future epilogue at the end of AT ANY MOMENT. However, readers have mentioned that they really would like to be assured of Adam and Mia’s HEA.  I do intend to give more immediate details in the future stories (and there may just be plans for another Adam and Mia book later on) but I left it up to readers to decide whether or not they’d like to see a distant future epilogue earlier on. And the … Read More »