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Much Ado About Noting

“A writer is a writer because even when there is no hope… she keeps writing anyway.”  –Junot Diaz

One thing I’ve noticed as I begin to associate more with other writers is that our processes tend to be wildly different.  What one writer does and works so well for her may not necessarily work very well for another.  It should not be cause for concern or insecurity.  It should not be a superstitious profession–just because Writer A writes chronologically (in a linear fashion from scene to scene) does not mean another writer can or even should work that way.  And … Read More »

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

This blog gets its name from the catchphrase of NaNoWriMo, “Thirty Days and Nights of Literary Abandon.”

And, for the past five years, I’ve set the majority of extra-professional life aside to participate in the phenomenon.  It has, in my opinion, paid off.  I am a much better writer than I was when I did not participate.  I must qualify that statement by saying that I never stopped writing during the other parts of the year, either.  I write year-round.  I just don’t live, eat. breathe and inhale it like I do in November.

I proceed at a much … Read More »

The Greatest Love Letter in English Literature

And what, you may ask, is my opinion on this matter?  Well I do have one and it is a strong one.  Its author is none other than Miss Jane Austen (are you surprised?) and it is penned, in the story, by Captain Frederick Wentworth.

Before I post the text and my discussion of it here, a bit of background to the story might be necessary as the Letter (yes the uppercase L is important) is penned and delivered in one of the last chapters of the last complete book that Miss Austen scribed before her untimely death.  That novel … Read More »

Lessons Learned from NaNoWriMo: Write or Die

There have been many things said about National Novel Writing Month.  Mostly good but some bad (the most ludicrous of which, in my opinion: that people should be concentrating more on reading rather than writing.  That there are already enough writers out there to satisfy the demand  for the “dwindling number of readers.”  This argument is mind-bogglingly simplistic and precludes the assertion that most writers are avid readers to begin with, otherwise they would take up some other hobby, like fishing or golf.  And even then, those people would likely read copious amounts about fishing and golf.  It also … Read More »


Where do you get your inspiration and ideas for anything ranging from story arcs all the way down to snippets of dialog?

Well, as mentioned previously in this blog, I tend to have an, umm, temperamental muse.  I suppose that is the most politic word for it.  (Sorry dear, no offense).

She thumps me over the head whenever and wherever.  Her favorite place to get me used to be when I was driving alone in the car.  Most of the time, I was listening to a piece of music and some flash of an idea would come to my head.  … Read More »