D is for Downton Abbey Memes!

Fun with Downton Abbey Memes!


A few weeks ago, I put up a popular blog full of memes about Mr. Darcy.  As a lover of Downton Abbey, I figured, why not do the same thing with the beloved Granthams and their below stairs servants?

Fasten your seat belts.  It’s time to do this whole thing…


DA meme

Who’s ever heard someone call it “DOWNTOWN” Abbey and wanted to do the same thing as Mr. Bates?

3shh8xOf course the Dowager Countess must chime in with…

3spij8 A fearsome creature to summon with your Planeswalker… (Don’t know the reference?  It’s Magic the Gathering)74bf2c4302ed8d7153061fec4ee70d86Downton Abbey, for all of it’s foibles and plot holes is, indeed a wonderful escape into another, more elegant world.


Below stairs, we always have an option, should anything go wrong…
daisy-downton-abbey An even more fearsome creature than the Mr. Carson card!


Talk about a back-handed insult…  Not too unlike the Regency heroes and heroines we love to read about.


Downton Abbey or the Real World?  Hmmm let me think about that one for a while.

downton-abbey-e-cards downton-abbey-ecards-hilarious

And because we love all those weird plot twists that we just can’t help mocking, like this gem from Season 2:


Those of us on this side of the pond face the difficult decision every year.  It airs in the UK in October but we Americans don’t get it until January.  So we have to fight temptation not to look at plot updates and spoilers during the interim.


I learned all my history from Downton Abbey…


Oh how I love Mrs. Patmore.


And because this one is so hilarious (sorry, TwiFans), it goes here:l_41949530-d7b3-11e1-b0d8-598580d00007

When universes collide, we get funny quips from the Dowager superimposed over the Eye of Sauron.


And because we can’t exclude Morpheus and the Matrix universe, remember never to…

morpheus DA meme

So do you watch Downton Abbey?


And revisiting my blog from “B” day (B is for British Monarchy), we must hear from Her Majesty, the Queen:

queen downton meme

Sometimes the best memes are the actual quotes from the show:


And, just to reiterate…


Did this one below crack you up as much as it did me?


Another excellent actual quote, by our favorite quote-worthy character, the Dowager Countess of Grantham.vulgarity

And this one as well…whatisaweekend

So if you don’t watch Downton Abbey, it’s about time you started!  Don’t let the Dowager call you “middle class”!


5 thoughts on “D is for Downton Abbey Memes!

    • I know, right? The dowager is pure comic genius. She is written to perfection by Fellowes and played to perfection by Maggie Smith. What a wonderful, gifted talent she is.

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